Direct Mail

Maximize your impact with perfect timing

Anticipate your busy and slow seasons.  You probably know when your busy times are, but you might not know that you should mail to prospects way before your busy season even starts. Sending mail well in advance helps you avoid last-minute marketing mistakes when you’re at your busiest.

Not to mention the added bonus of beating your competition to your prospects’ mailboxes.

Effectively timing your direct mail is easy. If you get busy during the summer, ramp up your marketing efforts during the winter and spring. On the other hand, if business increases over the winter, get your mail in front of prospects during the summer and fall.

The more often a potential customers sees your marketing material, the more likely they are to remember you! Giving a tangible item for your customers to hold in their hands is most effective.

Create a Drip Campaign Schedule

A drip campaign is a series of mailings set on a regular schedule. The goal is to create a top of mind awareness of your company by exposing prospects to a message several times.

Use calendars to schedule follow up, such as a second and third response.

Add Direct Mail tracking data e.g. received date, visited URL, or special offer code.

Systematically remove new customers and add leads back to your drip campaign.